5 Steps to make Sales Skills Stick

Standard Sales Training may be great for brand new skills but it doesn’t work for seasoned Sales Professionals.  The skills simply don’t stick

Every Sales Leader and Head of Sales Enablement wants the Sales Team to have and use the best selling skills in order to

  1.  Find the maximum number of opportunities
  2.  Qualify to spend time on those that are worthwhile
  3.  Maximise Win Rate
  4.  Minimise Cycle Times
  5.  Maximise Average Order Values
  6.  Achieve Consistency and Predictability in Visibility of Pipeline and Forecasting
And thereby achieve Objectives with a minimum of Fuss.

I'm Giving this away

Am I mad? – maybe.

Maybe I’ll look back on today and think that just giving out my method for free was the worst decision of my life.

Or maybe I’ll remain convinced that it’s a reflection of simple common sense.  It’s not a world shattering innovation, nor is it a transforming invention. #itsnotrocketscience

It is the practical assimilation of 35 years in professional sales and sales leadership combined with years of close association with HR, Talent and Learning & Development functions.


With 35 years of learning best practices and 20 years coaching salespeople, I can help you get started.

Just 30 minutes on a call

And there’s no fee.

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