Grow Sales Organically - Skillfully

  • Understand what skills need to be prioritised to address specific challenges
  • Assess individual capability quickly & simply
  • Coach to fill the individual gaps
  • Continuous Improvement plans for skills support
“James is an exceptional sales person. He understands. His insights and expertise as we embarked on our strategic transformation programme were highly influential in ensuring that we ended up with a great outcome. James is delightful to work with and I cannot recommend him highly enough”
Simon Lanham – Director & Customer

Selling - The act of helping & guiding people to buy

It’s not all about brilliant ‘pitches’, flashy PowerPoint shows and ‘added value collateral’.

It is about building Trust & mutual understanding.

The Buying Cycle (not the Process btw) is Paramount

Don’t forget…It’s buyers (not Sellers) who buy.  Sellers must help and guide buyers make a ‘safe’ decision from individuals they can Trust.

The Sales Process (Cycle) is important but it's not the first most important thing for selling

The Buying Cycle - After Huthwaite
“I’ve been in Sales for over 10 years. I joined James’ team in a fast paced sales role that called for highly accelerated sales growth. From the beginning James showed leadership & direction with which he built a close knit, high performance team.
As importantly for me, his years of sales and leadership experience gave me the opportunity to develop my selling skills very rapidly. His guidance was always relevant, succinct and, most importantly, it worked…In both group workshops and 121 settings, James’ approach always made sense because it wasn’t drawn out or laborious (as typical ‘sales training’ can be).
The skills & mindset I learnt therefore stuck with me – I still use them – and a few years on, we’ve stayed in contact, I continue to refine my skills and have an open door to discuss ideas with him.”
Neil Curry – Account Director, WebExpenses

Selling is...all about Building Trust

Selling ia not all about being impressive, ‘beating the competition’ or having ‘the gift of the gab’.

Most Prospects and Clients do not care about these things

A bravado style may be good for Internal politics in big sales teams, but it’s counter-productive when dealing with Clients who want:

  1. Understanding – individually and as a Group.  Aspirations, Situation, Problems, Risks, Implications and Needs…help with options.
  2. Demonstrated understanding through a collaborative approach to solution creation
  3. Security based on experience of having done it before
  4. Appreciation and respect – help & guidance where needed.
“I have worked with or for James for 8 years in total at MDIS (NorthgateHR) and Sage UK.  He has been pivotal in helping me secure more business through his implementation of sales best practices and making me stand out from the competition.
Even after 30 years of selling he has most certainly taught me lots in terms of additional collaborative sales techniques and has been an inspirational, much admired mentor.”
Wendy Knowles – Sales Manager

Understanding is all about Questioning, Taking great notes & Summarising brilliantly